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President / Architectural Designer

The custom home building process can be daunting. There’s a lot of money at stake, a lot of time to be invested and lots of opportunity for things to go wrong. Our role is to guide you along this journey and take the anxiety and uncertainty out of the luxury home building process.

At Mōdish, we start with an in-depth study of your unique situation and diagnose your needs, wants and available options before any design work begins. Just as performing surgery without a comprehensive diagnosis would be considered malpractice, so too is designing a custom home without first understanding our clients' wants, needs, and available resources. The key questions we ask extend beyond “how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and your countertop preferences” to a more profound understanding of your current lifestyle, who this house will be serving, and what your situation might look like 5, 10, and 20 years into the future.

Our process intentionally rejects the assumption that your lifestyle aligns with the norm. By eliminating assumptions, we mitigate the risk of delivering a home that falls short of your vision, fails to meet your needs, and exceeds both your time and budget constraints. In the words of the great Frank Lloyd Wright, "You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledgehammer on the construction site."

At Mōdish, we adhere to this wisdom, ensuring our process is meticulous and purposeful, minimizing the need for corrections during construction and ultimately delivering a home that surpasses expectations. Our approach blends a deep understanding of our clients' desires with cutting-edge technology, like Virtual Reality and lifelike renderings, to create a personalized and immersive design experience. This sets us apart in the industry and ensures our clients have a clear vision of their dream home before it's built.

Because we are an independent Lindal Homes representative, we have the ability to design any style of home, from modern masterpieces to timeless classics, that push the boundaries of design innovation. Through our unwavering dedication to sustainability and timeless design, we aim to create homes that exceed expectations, inspire awe, and become cherished legacies for generations to come.

If you are seeking a dedicated team of designers who can bring your dreams to life, we would be honored to embark on this transformative journey with you. Let’s collaborate and create architectural wonders that leave a lasting legacy.

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Architectural Consultant